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  COPPER CANYON - Sinforosa Canyon

Sinforosa Canyon
A spectacular view of Sinforosa Canyon
Photo Credit: Richard D. Fischer
Some of the most spectacular lookouts of the whole mountain range are located in this canyon. Among the most admirable are those of the Summits of Sinforosa, 18 Kilometers (11 miles) to the south of Guachochi. From here you'll appreciate a sequence of narrow passes that end with the view of the Verde (Green) River in the bottom of the canyon. Other viewpoints that are outstanding are El Picacho and Summits of Guerachi. Looking down from Guerachi to the canyon floor, the maximum depth is 1,830 meters (6,040 feet), allowing for one of the deepest views of the range.

A spectacular view of Sinforosa Canyon

At the top of Sinforosa Canyon a well traced and easy-to-follow path descends to the bottom of the canyon. Nevertheless, if you plan to attempt this hike, you should be in good physical condition. It takes four hours to get to the Rio Verde at the bottom. On this tour you'll walk on one side of the beautiful Rosalinda Cascade, made up of the series of springs that end in a free fall of 80 meters (264 feet). In the Baqueachi ranch you will find another path that goes down to the bottom of the canyon.

Soon after you begin the descent, you pass through a place called the Piedra Agujerada (Stone Full of Holes). Due to the erosion from a stream, the water has perforated a stone, forming a small cascade that gives access to the interior of a cave. The site is of great beauty, since it is also surrounded with thick vegetation.

The Sinforosa Canyon can also be explored hiking through the bottom following a most abrupt and spectacular section of the canyon floor. This is one of the most impressive tours of the whole Sierra Tarahumra, since it squeezes between narrow passes and gigantic walls of stone that can get higher than a kilometer (6/10 of a mile). For this trek you would need a week to tour approximately 70 kilometers between the Summits of Sinforosa and Guerachi. The hike is difficult, excellent physical condition is necessary, and it is recommended that you hire an expert guide in Guachochi. There are shorter routes in this canyon, with less days of walking, and almost equally attractive.

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