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Founded in 1564, El Fuerte served as an important commercial and missionary center for most of the colonial era. Its history has been closely tied to the area's rich silver mines. It was a station on Spain's fabled Camino Real trade route. A Franciscan mission was built in 1590 and in 1610 a riverside fort was erected to protect the settlement from Indian attacks guard the Crown's silver haul from local mines.

Sagrado Coraz�n de Jes�s church This quaint village, population 30,000, set along the banks of the Rio Fuerte and surrounded by large vegetable farms and orchards, does double duty as a alternative departure point for east bound Copper Canyon visitors, and as a tourist destination for sportsmen.

Located about an hour's drive northeast of Los Mochis (78 kms or 47 miles), El Fuerte draws more and more visitors. It is in some ways a more appealing departure point for Copper Canyon journeys. Two reason for this are the fact that the train arrives 90 minutes after leaving Los Mochis (more sleep) and the town's history.

Sagrado Coraz�n de Jes�s church

The city's history is closely linked to nearby Alamos in neighboring Sonora state. Both towns shared administrative control over a vast region of northwest Mexico and are a mere 100 kms (60 miles) apart as the crow flies.

El Fuerte has become a base for some of Mexico's best year 'round large mouth and black bass fishing. The area is also ideal for bird hunting. In the town's center, you'll find the colonial cathedral, Sagrado Coraz�n de Jes�s and the Palacio Municipal. A stroll through the streets leads you past century old homes with carved stone facades. A few blocks away is the Rio Fuerte, overlooked by the crumbling ruins of the original Spanish fort (now being restored).

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