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  COPPER CANYON Events & Festivals Guide

This page will be updated continously as new events are publicized or dates change on existing events. Please return frequently for new information.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)
The Tarahumara have assimiliated Semana Santa (Easter week - a Christian holiday) into their religious observances.
Many different areas in the canyons celebrate the holiday with music, dance, costumes, and a drink called tesguiño (a corn-based alcoholic drink).
These celebrations are found throughout the canyons and many tour companies can escort you to visit the canyons at this time. Some of the more popular spots include Cerocahui, Norogachi, and Cusarare.

Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe
On December 12th, the Tarahumara celebrate this traditional Mexican holiday celebrating the Virgin Mary. Dancing, drinking and festing are all part of the day-long festivities.

Festival Guidelines
Chihuahua State Tourism recommends the following Do's and Don'ts when visiting a Tarahumara religious festival:
  • Do act with respect
  • Do follow all rules for visitors
  • Do keep a discreet distance during the festivities
  • Do dress appropriately for a religious event
  • Don't take photos unless you have persmission
  • Don't trespass in reserved areas
  • Don't attempt to participate
  • Don't take reserved places in churches, etc.
  • Don't distract or interrupt the celebration

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