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  COPPER CANYON - Candameña Canyon

Candameña Canyon
Basaseachic Falls view from the canyon floor One of the relatively easy tours in the Copper Canyon, offering great beauty and spectacular views, is that of Candameña Canyon, also know as the "Canyon of the Cascades". It begins at the famous Basaseachic Falls, Mexico's second highest waterfall, and ends in the mineral town of Candameña. The route is 18 kilometers (10.8 miles) long which can be hiked in three days and requires only minimum of physical exertion. Guides are available, but not necessary. Along this route, you will see the great Piedra Volada (Flying Stone) Cascade and the enormous Peña del Gigante (Giant Rock), among other impressive formations.

Basaseachic Falls view from the canyon floor

The canyon is 1,750 meters (5,775 feet) deep and contains Mexico's two highest cascades - Piedra Volada with a fall of 453 meters (1,494 feet) and Basaseachic with 246 meters (812 feet). It also has imposing Peña del Gigante which has the highest vertical wall of Mexico at 885 meters (2,290 feet). Lately, the canyon has been a paradise for explorers, trekkers and mountain climbers, as well as for those in pursuit of ecotourism and adventure tourism.
Piedra Volada or the Flying Stone Piedra Volada
With a free fall of 453 meters, Flying Stone Falls is considered the highest in Mexico and the 11th highest in the world. Although its flow is not as great as that of Basaseachic, the cascade does flow during the rainy season in mid-summer, early fall.

It is located in an isolated area, some seven kilometers (4.2 miles) from Basaeachic Falls, and can only be reached on foot and preferably with a local guide. The magnificent paths that lead to Piedra Volada offer some great viewpoints including Huajumar and Cerro de la Corona.

Peña del Gigante
This stone monolith stands out on a national and international level for having a totally vertical face and its sheer magnitude, with a free fall of 885 meters (2,290 feet). It has now become recognized for its climbing potential.

It is found in front of the Flying Stone Cascade and is best viewed from the lookouts of Huajumar, although spectacular views can be taken from a lower part, in the bottom of the Canyon. From this angle it appears to rise as a great pyramid of impressive stone.

To get here on foot you must plan on a full day's hike from the Basaseachic Cascade. The stone was recently conquered by a couple of climbers, Carlos Gonzalez and Cecilia Buil, in a expedition that lasted 37 days, to this date Mexico's most impressive climb.

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