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  COPPER CANYON - Basaseachi Falls

The awe-inspiring Basaseachic Falls One of the Copper Canyon's and Chihuahua's most famous sites is Basaseachic Falls within Basaseachic National Park, which covers a spectacular part of Candameña Canyon.

The Basaeachic Cascade is the second highest waterfall in Mexico and the 28th in the world, with a drop of 246 meters (812 feet). Its beauty is extraordinary and is blanketed by one of the best-preserved pine forests of the range.

The awe-inspiring Basaseachic Falls

Its viewpoints are among the most impressive of the canyons; they include one, at the highest point of the cascade, called Window of San Lorenzo. A series of well-traced paths connect all of the viewpoints. These paths are ideal for anyone who enjoys hiking in the wilderness. All along the route you'll have excellent views of the falls and Candameña Canyon.

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