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  COPPER CANYON Tourist Information

Things to Do
Although the Copper Canyon area is one of North America's most scenic areas, we can recommend seeing some areas before the rest. Every area you visit will touch your senses and make you want to return to this vast and scenic wilderness. The following is a list of some of the highlights of your visit to Mexico's Copper Canyon. Below these highlighted spots are links to other areas of the canyons.

Riding the Rails
One of the most spectacular trips you can take in Mexico, is to see the canyons by train on the Chihuahua al Pacifico. The views will leave lasting memories. Although riding west to east provides the most daylight views, either way you travel, you'll be happy you did. First class cars, food and drinks are available. Train stops in some areas may also offer the chance to buy some local food, crafts or take in a canyon view. For more details, click here.
Basaseachic Falls
This incredible waterfall in Parque Nacional Cascada de Basaseachic is breathtaking. It is Mexico's second highest waterfall and can be viewed from the top of the canyon at maintained viewpoints. Guided hiking treks to the bottom are possible for a different view. For more details, click here.
Semana Santa Festivals
This Tarahumara festival is the held during Easter Week, and gives the visitor a chance to see some of the elaborate costumes, and traditional dances of these indigenous people. For more details, click here.
Batopilas is a sleepy town at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon. The views driving down to the town of 800 are spectacular. This former silver mining town has many colonial gems, local mines, and a "lost" mission. For more details, click here.

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