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  PUEBLA Shopping Guide

Shopping in Puebla
The lovely colonial city of Puebla has so much to offer to shoppers. Below are a few of the many places you can lose yourself in the exquisite shops or visit the outdoor plazas and markets for some real bargains and for all things mexican. The famous talavera (a type of majolica pottery) is everywhere, it even decorates the outside of the buildings! You will run into several stores just walking from one destination to another. And no trip to Puebla would be complete without visiting the ubiquitous candy stores on 6 Oriente Street. Much more awaits you, and all within walking distance of the zocalo (main square) or a short (inexpensive) taxi ride away. Happy Shopping!

El Parian
This is a truly fun market in which to shop for souvenirs. Originally constructed in 1796! It consists of old style stalls linked together so you can see a lot in a little bit of time. El Parian has everything in the way of Mexican goods and crafts, not just from Puebla, with a colorful walkway and places for the husband/friend to sit and people watch while they wait for you. It is located at 4 Oriente and 6 Norte, about 4 blocks from the zocalo very near to the next shopping area.

Plazuela de Los Sapos
Such a cute and interesting area, just 3 blocks from the main square, Los Sapos is an "antique row" neighborhood. It boasts dozens of antique stores, has some great restaurants and is a very lively nightspot with music and drinking. Saturdays there is an outdoor tianguis selling everything you can imagine. If you like antiques, even if some are too big to take home, this is the place for you.

La Victoria Shopping Mall
It was built during the reign of president Porfirio Diaz (1876-1891), known as the cultural President by some for building some of the countries most striking and unique buildings, and by others as an elitist tyrant that ignited the revolution of 1910. This was one of the last constructions on cast iron in Mexico. Its particular beauty began to fade away with the sometimes unkind passing of time, until it got totally refurbished a few years ago, turning it into a modern and unique shopping mall with state of the art structural features. It is situated in the City center, beside the Chapel of the Rosary. It has two entrances, one at 6 Poniente and 3 Norte Streets, and the other by 5 de Mayo Avenue, only 2 blocks from the zocalo.

Fabrica Talavera Casa La Paz
Makes traditional talavera pottery in downtown Puebla.
Best talavera selection in town
Guaranteed to be original talavera
From a teacup to a full set of tableware
Custom orders accepted
18 Poniente 102, Col. Centro, Puebla, Puebla * Tel: 222-232-3843

Taller de Cer�mica Uriarte / Uriarte Ceramics Studio.
Located at 4 Poniente No. 911. Oldest Talavera ceramics studio in Puebla. Tours available at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 1:00 p.m. Closed Sundays.

Talavera Plate Puebla
Talavera Plate

El Parian, Puebla
El Parian


Dulces de Camote, Puebla
Dulces de Camote

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