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  PUEBLA Food, Drink & Entertainment

Pueblan Cuisine, ancestral and baroque like the town itself, provides the traveler with yet another compelling reason to visit the region. Born from the union of Mesoamerican and Mediterranean tastes, it is an exotic mixture of flavors, aromas and colors rarely found in other places. The Mole (derived from the Nahuatl "Molli," meaning mixture) is a prime example. Mole is a rich sauce (frequently served over chicken) that often contains more than 32 ingredients, including several varieties of chiles, seeds, spices and chocolate. Families traditionally make their most celebrated Mole in November on the Day of the Dead, in honor of their ancestors. The dish is lovingly prepared according to treasured family recipes and then placed on the family altar in expectation of a visit from the souls of the departed. Mole is also a staple of the pueblan diet throughout the year, and is a common entree in pueblan restaurants and homes.


La Lunita Restaurant-Bar
Since 1939, regional food & best sangrias in the world
Most popular corner in Cholula
Best sangrias in the world
Huge menu of tasty regional dishes
Fun atmostphere Av. Morelos #419 * Tel: 222-247-0011

Las Bodegas del Molino Restaurant
A unique dining experience
Fascinating surroundings
Traditional,regional,international cuisine
Centuries of original artwork
Calzada del Bosque #12, Cholula, Puebla, Mexico*
Tel: 52-222-248-2262

Li Fa's Chinese Restaurant & Buffet
The best Chinese Restaurant and Buffet in all of Puebla
Dozens of Savory Mandarin and Cantonese Dishes
Daily Buffet includes over 25 Different Fresh Dishes to choose from
All you can eat for around $75 pesos (approx. $7.00 U.S.)!
2 Norte No. 1, Local C * Tel: 222-232-0058


Rompopes Santa Ines
Fine Liquers made in Old-World Tradition
Varied Selection of Rompopes & Digestives
Factory Tour and Tasting. Order by Internet
Factory located behind the ruins in Cholula
Calle 6 Norte #1, Colonia Centro, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla
Tel: +52-222-296-7868

Espacio 1900 - Cafe/Theatre/Concerts
2 Oriente 412

Fonda Santa Clara
3 locations:
3 Poniente 920
3 Poniente 307
Angelopolis Mall, Upstairs

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