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  MERIDA Weather



Merida and the surrounding Yucatan state is semi-tropical. Temperatures vary from the inland to the coast, which is usually a bit cooler with less humidity because of offshore breezes. Rain is common (see chart below) from May-October with the possiblity of hurricanes at its highest from September and October. Winters are mild and many "snowbirds" spend these months here.

Month Average High Average Low Average Rainfall
January 82F 64F 1.2 in.
February 84F 64F 1.1 in.
March 89F 68F 0.6 in.
April 92F 70F 0.6 in.
May 92F 72F 2.9 in.
June 91F 73F 5.1 in.
July 91F 73F 5.0 in.
August 91F 73F 6.0 in.
September 89F 73F 7.7 in.
October 86F 71F 4.4 in.
November 83F 67F 1.4 in.
December 82F 65F 1.4 in.
F=Fahrenheit * in.=Inches

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