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  Merida Activities & Tours

Tours in Merida, Yucatan Ecoturismo Yucatan
In operation since 1989, our company has established an excellent reputation for creating custom designed tours to fit your specific interests and needs. We operate tours that focus on one or a combination of the following areas: birdwatching, natural history, archaeology, culture and adventure (kayaking).
Language school in Merida La Calle Spanish School
La Calle is a foreign adult Spanish school located in the center of Merida, one of the safest place in Mexico. The Spanish school is close to shops, restaurants, touristic places and transport to go to the principal touristic attractions of Yucatan. We offer Spanish courses in groups or private.

 Carnaval Transportadora Turistica
Merida City Tours
Merida * Tel/Fax: (999) 927-6119

TC International
Tours & Travel in Yucatan
Calle 60 x 49 y 59 * Tel/Fax: (999) 923-0298

Merida, the capital of the Yucatan, is one of Mexico's colonial city marvels.

Take a City Tour
There are many colonial buildings, monuments, parks, and churches to visit in Merida. A great way to see many of these is to hire a private driver or jump on a city tour bus for a guided visit to many of these important places. Once you've had the chance to tour these sites, you can always return to your favorites for a longer visit. Most hotels and tour/travel agences can sell you tickets for the city bus tour.

What To See

Plaza Mayor (Zocalo)
This is Merida's main plaza in it's historical center. The plaza is surrounded by Spanish-era colonial buildings including the city and state government buildings and the Cathedral. Take a stroll here in the evening to get a sense of life in Merida.

Catedral de San Idelfonso
The central cathedral in Merida, it is located on the Plaza Grande. It is said that the architectural design was sent from Spain and was originally intended for a town in Peru. The designs were mixed up, and Merida got a much bigger church than the Spanish designers had intended. The Cathedral is quite large and beautiful and a "must-see" if you are visiting the "White City".  

Museum of Contemporary Art
Known in Merida as "MACAY", this museum houses modern and some historical art from local and national artists in the building that used to be the city's Armory.
Open Wednesday-Monday, 10am-6pm * Admission is Free
Calle 60 x 61-A y 63 * Tel: (999) 928-3258

Side Trips

Archaeological Sites


The Yucatan peninsula was once divided into land grants or haciendas for the original Spanish conquistadors.

17th century Hacienda Yaxcopoil
Over time, the land was split among relatives and new arrivals. Even these partitioned areas of the original land grants were very immense and included a local village of laborers. Many owners in the 16th-19th century built incredibly large mansions and outer buildings for production on their hacienda which included animal
grazing, crops of fruits and vegetables, and later henequen.

Some mansions (or what most people refer to as haciendas) have be restored into their original form as luxury accommodations, others are less expensive and some are simply cultural centers, museums, or restaurants. Most allow visitors, some for a fee, to walk around an experience a different era in the Yucatan peninsula.


Puuc Route

Rio Lagartos


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