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  Ensenada Shopping Guide

Shopping in Ensenada is made very easy and is geared toward the tourist. The stores vary from the souvenir and beach wear shops to Mexican handicrafts. You'll find excellent shopping for gifts and traditional Mexican crafts in the city's tourist zone along Lopez Mateos and it's side streets. Here, you'll also find leather and jewelry shops as well as duty-free stores.

Many unique shops and galleries are set up outside of town, both as you enter Ensenada from the north and as you head towards Punta Banda and La Bufadora. These artists offer their wares at incredible prices and a trip exploring these areas may prove to be valuable. In La Bufadora you'll also find many craft malls for the tourist.


Galeria de Perez Meillon
Mata Ortiz Pottery from Casas Grandes, Chihuahua
Baja Indigenous Art, Personal Attention
Open: 10am-6pm, M-Sat - 10am-2pm Sun
Blvd. Costero #1094-39 * Tel: (646) 174-0394

Art & Stuff
Original & Eclectic Art from Baja & Mexico
Km. 103.5 Toll Rd, El Sauzal * Tel: (646) 175-8859

Galeria Berta Armas
Best of the New & Established Mexican Artists
Road to the La Bufadora, Km 10 * Tel: (646) 154-2066


Art & Stuff
Traditional Indigenous Crafts
Baskets, Masks, Pottery & Wool Rugs
Km. 106, #20 Toll Road * Tel: (646) 174-5515

Cisco Tile
Azulejo Tile * Custom Made Murals * Special Orders
Hwy 1 #200, south of town * Tel: (646) 176-6325

Don Quijote
Wood & Wrought Iron Designs * Furniture
Custom Shipping * Open: Daily 9am-5pm, Closed Tues.
Ave. Lopez Mateos #503 * Tel: (646) 174-4082

Iguanas Internacional
Finest Quality Leather* Jackets/Boots
Ave. Lopez Mateos #529 * Tel: (646) 178-2632

Los Castillo
Fine Silver Jewelry
Ave. Lopez Mateos #1076 * Tel: (646) 178-2335

Mario's Silver
Lopez Mateos #1090

Indigenous Handcrafts * Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 2:30pm
At the Bodegas de Santo Tomas Cultural Center
Ave. Miramar #666-C * Tel: (646) 178-2589

Authentic Handcrafted Art * Credit Cards Accepted
Ave. Gastelum #55-4 * Tel: (646) 178-1080

The Swan Shop
Large Selection of Purses * Ironwood
Open: Daily 10am-6pm
Ave. Lopez Mateos #668


El Fenix
Ruiz #217

Costero #885-A

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