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  Ensenada Wineries, Festivals and Wine Tasting

The wine growing region of Baja California lies within the valleys of San Vicente, Santo Tomás and Guadalupe, all located in the municipality of Ensenada. Today more than 90% of Mexico's table wines are produced here, one of the most famous being Bodegas de Santo Tomas, founded in 1888 (photo).

Much of the Baja California peninsula has a semi-desert climate, but Ensenada's region has a cold marine current which helps to produce a Mediterranean climate which is ideal for growing wine grapes. With its warm summers and mild winters, not to mention sunny days and cool nights during the growing season, these valleys produce fine Mexican wines with a style of their own.

The wine makers of the Ensenada region produce a complete range of types and styles of wines. Mexican wines from this area have obtained international recognition, and are being exported to Europe, the United States and Canada in ever increasing quantities. Most wineries offer tours and wine tasting.


Each August, the wine growers of Ensenada and the Baja California Wine Society celebrate the harvest with a series of events highlighting the culture of wine. The festival is usually held during the first few weeks in August.

The Vintage Festival (known locally as the Fiestas de la Vendimia) lasts for ten days and is open to the public. Many events are scheduled at participating wineries and in town, such as a wine competition, wine tasting, the Paella Contest, music & dance, golf tournaments, and seminars. Please contact the Tourism Department or local wineries for more information, or tickets and information. Some events will sell out. You can also contact Viajes Damiana in Ensenada (Tel: (646) 178-3136) for tickets.


Wineries within Ensenada City Limits

Bodegas de Santo Tomas
Free Daily Tours Every Hour From 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Saturday/Sundays 10:00am-4:00pm
Restaurant & Cafe * Cultural Center * Gourment Shop
Ave. Miramar #666 * Tel: (646) 178-0836

Cavas Valmar
Free Tours & Wine Tasting by Appointment
Calle Ambar #810 * Tel: (646) 178-6405

Wineries outside Ensenada City Limits

Adobe Guadalupe
Hwy 3, Guadalupe Valley * Tel: (646) 155-2094 * Fax: (646) 155-2093

Bodegas San Antonio
Hwy 3, Guadalupe Valley * Tel: (646) 174-0078

Casa de Piedra
Hwy 3, Km 93.5 * Tel: (646) 155-3097

Chateau Camou
Free Tours & Wine Tasting * Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, Sat 10am-noon
Ensenada * Tel: (646) 177-2221

Guided Tours, Tasting & Sales of Wines & Brandies
One of Mexico's Oldest Wine Makers
Open: M-F 10am-4pm, Sat. 10am-1:30pm
Hwy 3, Km. 73 * Tel: (646) 155 2254

Free Tours & Tasting of Wines, Coolers, Brandy and Tequila
Open: Daily 10am-4pm * Lunch & Picnic Area
Hwy 3, Km 73.5 * Tel: (6) 155-2264

Mogor Badan
Tours & Wine Tasting by Appointment
Hwy. 3, Km 86.5 * Tel/Fax: (646) 177-1484

Monte Xanic
Award-winning Premium Wines in the Guadalupe Valley
Tours Wine Tastings are Available by Appointment
Hwy 3, Valle de Guadalupe * Tel: (6) 174-7055

Vina Liceaga
Wine Tasting & Tours Sat. 1pm by Appointment
Hwy 3, Km. 93 * Tel: (646) 155-3091

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