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  TIJUANA Shopping Guide

Tijuana offers fantastic buys and bargains on international and national brands of perfumes, watches, jewelry, high fashions , shoes, mexican souvenirsand much more. Plaza Rio Shopping Center is a luxury mall with excellente restaurants and stores. It counts with three large movie theaters and a double -decker carousel. The Plaza Rio mall show the modernization and current develoment of this city which is always changing. This mall is located in the Zona Rio tijuana and it is a different view from the stores in the famous avenida Revolucion.

Avenida Revolucion is the other important shopping spot. the mayority of the visitors come here to the stores which offer arts and crafts, browse liquor and tobacco stores and clothing boutiques because in here they will find everything they look for and at bargain prices.

varsity club
ave. revolucion 1184 & calle 6

Quick silver
ave. revolucion

Novedades Visana
ave. revolucion 907

rio rita shopping mall
ave. revolucion 968

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