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Ignacio Allende's Birthday (January 21)
Ignacio Allende, born here, was a patriot in the war that led to Mexico's Independence. He was recognized for his role in the war by having his name added to the city of San Miguel in 1826. This fiesta is complete with parades and fireworks in Allende's honor.

XXIII Festival de M�sica de C�mara (July 28 - August 11)
San Miguel hosts one of the most important chamber music festivals in the world. Each year the Festival de M�sica de C�mara brings world-renowned international artists to San Miguel for two weeks of magnificent concerts and workshops. For more information, please visit

8th Annual International Jazz Festival (November 22-24)
Spectacular concerts by renowned musicians. After the shows, extend the fun by catching a jazz jam at a local club. Morning workshops, master classes and a film festival.

Fiesta de la Candelaria - February 2nd
This celebration is in honor of the beginning of Spring

Feast of San Antonio de Padula - June 13th
St. Anthony is considered to be a cupid who is supposed to deliver spouses or sweethearts.

Independence Day - September 16th
The history of Mexico's independence lies right here in San Miguel de Allende.

Celebration of San Miguel Arcangel - September 29
San Miguel's biggest celebration of the year honoring the town's chief patron saint. The event includes a running of the bulls through the town and traditional dancers.

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