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  Troncones Directory and City Guide

Welcome to the tropical paradise of Troncones Beach on the Pacific coast of Guerrero, Mexico. This small idyllic beach "town" has lodging, restaurants & activities so you may enjoy a simple & tranquil Mexican vacation. It is an easy drive, 30 minutes north of Ixtapa & Zihuatanejo.

Troncones Beach is a very special and magical place. This small fishing village is the perfect place to get away from our busy world. This tropical paradise is only 20 miles away from the twin resorts of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, yet a thousand miles away in simplicity.

Picture a 3-mile long secluded beach unspoiled by large hotels and paved roads. A place where the minute you arrive, you feel at home. A typical day here consists of beachcombing or maybe grabbing a bite to eat, take a swim, go horseback riding, watch the fishermen bring in their catch or enjoy a drink while watching one of Mexico's most amazing sunsets.

Not a lot happens around Troncones (compared to other more popular destinations) but endangered turtles do consider this beach their home and they have found protection from the village. The population hovers in the area of 300 people, but you will be able to stay & eat in luxury while enjoying this simple Mexican lifestyle. This is the Mexico you dream about, the real Mexico.

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