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 Mexico Phone Number Directory - How to call Mexico

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Useful phone numbers to help you get some specific information about Mexico from a variety of government and private agencies. We will continue to add to this list and appreciate any additional numbers which may be helpful.
Numbers listed include the full international code to access Mexico directly.

Primer for Dialing into and out of Mexico:

Let's say you want to call someone while you're in Los Cabos. The number you are going to dial depends upon where you are and what phone you are using. The rules for phone dialing are different for land line and cell phones.

Dialing within Mexico:
Land line to local land line phone - dial the seven digit number (i.e. 143-1234)
Land line to long distance land line phone - dial 01 then the ten digit number (i.e. 01-612-123-1234)
Land line to local cell phone - dial 044 then the ten digit number (i.e. 044-624-122-1234)
Land line to long distance cell phone - dial 045 then the ten digit number (i.e. 045-612-123-1234)
Cell phone to local or long distance land line - dial the ten digit number (i.e. 624-143-1234)
Cell phone to local or long distance cell phone - dial the ten digit number (i.e. 612-122-1234)

Dialing into Mexico:
To dial a land line phone - Dial 011-52 then the ten digit number (i.e. 011-52-624-143-1234)
To dial a cell phone - Dial 011-52-1 then the ten digit number (i.e. 011-52-1-624-122-1234)

Dialing from Mexico to the US/Canada
Dial 001 then the ten digit number (i.e. 001-303-333-3333)

Dialing from Mexico to the rest of the world
Dial 00 then the Country Code and phone number

Dialing US Toll Free Numbers
For 800 numbers - dial 001-880 then the seven digit number
For 866 numbers - dial 001-883 then the seven digit number
For 877 numbers - dial 001-882 then the seven digit number
For 888 numbers - dial 001-881 then the seven digit number

List of Mexico's newly updated Area Codes

American Society of Mexico: 011-525-202-4600 Information from Americans who are living in Mexico.
Association of Mexican Banks: 011-525-512-3103
Automotive Industry Association: 011-525-272-1144
Border Trade Alliance: 619-661-9BTA Promoting trade along the U.S.-Mexico border.
British & Commonwealth Society: 011-52 (55) 256-0901
Canacintra: 011-525-563-3400 The Mexican National Chamber of Industry & Manufacturing.
Consulates of Mexico, in the United States & Canada.
Embassies & Chambers of Commerce, Both of Mexico & various other nations.
FONATUR: 011-525-543-7211, 011-525-687-7437 or (U.S.) 202-728-1639
     Offering foreign investment in Mexico's tourism industry.
Irish Society of Mexico: 011-52 (55) 523-5251
Mexican Association of Realtors - AMPI: 011-52-5-514-1640
     Most real estate office belong to this association.
Mexican Commerce Department: 011-525-709-6328 The Mexican equivalent to the US Commerce Department.
Mexican Franchise Association: 011-525-524-8043 Provides information about franchising in Mexico.
Mexican Government Tourism: 800-44-MEXICO The Department of Tourism offering information on Mexico.
Mexico City Tourist Assistance: 011-525-250-0123 or 250-0151 This agency can assist you with any questions about or problems you may have in the capital.
Mexico's Wildlife Department: 011-525-574-5489 Information on hunting in Mexico.
Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources: 011-525-584-0096
Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Development: 011-525-650-4771
Ministry of Education: 011-525-521-9574
Missing Persons Hotline in Mexico City: 011-525-658-1111
National Museum of Anthropology: 011-525-553-6381 The Mexican National Museum of Anthropology.
National Railroads of Mexico (FNM): (52) 5-547-1084 Reservations or information. Or write to: Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico, Gran Estación Central de Buena Vista, 06358 Mexico D.F., Mexico.
Consumer Protection (PROFECO): (52) 5-547-1084 Protects foreign tourists & residents.
Procuraduria Federal del Consumidor, Ave. Jose Vasconcelos 208, Col. Condesa, Distrito Federal, Mexico

San Antonio Economic Development Foundation: 512-226-1394 Develops and promotes trade with Mexico.
SECOFI: 011-52-66-340-201 Performs some of the funtions like the US Department of Commerce, and regulates maquiladoras.
SEMATUR: 011-52-5-286-1267, in La Paz 011-52-112-5-3833, in Santa Rosalia 011-52-115-2-0014 Provides information and reservations for the ferries crossing the Sea of Cortez.
State Tourism Offices in Mexico, provides information on particular states.
Trade Commission of Mexico: (L.A.) 213-628-1220, (Dallas) 214-688-4095,
(N.Y.) 212-826-2979

Aid to businesses needing company contacts in Mexico.
U.S. Commerce Department: 202-482-4464; 202-482-0300 Country Desk-Mexico. They can help businesses export their goods to Mexico and also supply trade data.
World Trade Center of Mexico City: 011-52-5-682-9822 Business center & exposition area.

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