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  Road Log To Catavina

Catavina, Baja Catavina is one of those special places in Baja California that photographers just love to shoot a few rolls on. Located just off the main peninsular Highway 1, it's south of the village of El Rosario at about Km 175, and roughly in the middle of the two coasts.

Baja California Desert
Its beauty is a combination of the large granite boulders and different cactus that are indigenous to this area of the desert- the cardon, barrel cactus, the strange cirio (boojum), elephant tree and other varieties all call this part of Baja home. Add the proper lighting effects, such as those found at dusk, and you have the perfect opportunity for saving the memories of this amazing place.

Virgin of Guadaluape, Catavina Just visible from the main road is a memorial to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mexico's patron saint. Candles are often burning when you arrive, setting the mood for your visit...

Baja California Highway 1

Cardon & Boojum in Baja Catavina Rock Garden

Standing like a giant and prickly upside-down carrot, the strange boojum tree stretches skyward, overlooking the painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe painted on one of the big granite boulders that are strewn about the landscape...

Catavina Rock Paintings

The different plants and trees each try to make a stand in the desert, carving out an existence in an area that is beautiful but harsh. The hearty and often ancient cardon cactus sends roots deep into the ground and stores water when it can, the boojum uses its shape and hard skin to protect itself from the hot, moisture robbing air.

Catavina National Park

The granite boulders have been exposed by the same erosion that now wears them down year after year. Their large shapes cast long shadows over the landscape as the sun sets and the full moon rises to take its place. It's perfectly quiet, except for the rustle of the wind and the sound of your own footsteps on the desert floor.

Unaware of the odds against it, a few cardon cactus sprout out from a crack in the hard granite boulders, demonstrating just how tough and persevering the desert vegetation can be. Nothing is easy here ...

The highway, and the comfort of the car, are only a hundred yards away, but in this part of the desert everyone feels a bit small next to the natural giants all around.

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