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  Photo slides of Mexico City in the 40s & 50s
This month we have a special treat, as we share with you pictures from Mexico City taken in the late 1940's and the early 1950's. The pictures were found in the collection of my father, Rolf E. Metzger, who began traveling to Mexico during that period of time.

It's absolutely great to see Mexico in this classic light, as the pictures provide us with a window into the past. While you look at this photo essay, you'll notice the classic cars of the period, the relatively un-crowded roads, and the whole feel of a time long gone. Enjoy the nostalgic journey.

Rolf J Metzger - Editor.

The pictures in this photo essay represent various well known landmarks in Mexico City, dating back to the late 1940's the early 1950's. Many of the cars in these photos pre-date that time, as American made cars often took several years, in the form of used and new imports, to actually get there.

NOTE: These graphics are the copyrighted property of and may not be reproduced without expressed written permission.

Old Mexico 1, downtown traffic, Copyright ©, ®.

The vibrant heart of downtown Mexico City at Avenida Juarez, surrounded by it's highest buildings at the hour of its heaviest traffic. Back then it could only offer glimpse of how busy things would eventually get today.

The Heroes Ninos, Copyright © ®.
The monument of the Ninos Heroes in Chapultepec Park, honoring the young men who fought and died in the battle of 1847.

Downtown Mexico City, Copyright © ®.
Another view of downtown Mexico City on Avenida Juarez, looking towards Revolution Monument.

Fountain of Diana, Copyright © ®.
The original Fountain of Diana, at the entrance to Chapultepec Park. This smaller monument has been replaced my a larger (taller) version that exists there today.

Palace of Fine Arts, Copyright © ®.
The Palace of Fine Arts, an all marble building that at the time of its construction was considered the most luxurious and beautiful in Latin America. Notice the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company in the background.

Reforma Boulevard, Copyright © ®.
Reforma Boulevard, with a view towards downtown. Ahh, the days of low traffic and an easy Sunday drive.

Insurgentes Avenue, copyright © ®.
Insurgentes Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares of Mexico City. That's a Sears store in the lower left hand side.

Basilica Santa Maria, copyright © ®.
Entry way to The Basilica of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, a famous church in Mexico City.

Monument to Benito Juarez, copyright © ®.
The "Hemicycle", or half-circle, monument to Benito Juarez.

Xochimilco, copyright © ®.
A busy day on the waterways of Xochimilco, where locals and visitors from all over the world take an escorted boat tour of the famous "floating islands", or Chinapas.

Mexico City, copyright © ®.
Another view of downtown Mexico City, where classic cars drive down a busy side street filled with shoppers and vendors.

National Palace, copyright © ®.
View of the National Palace, which looks dramatically different today. Notice the Mexican Flag, which during that particular time did not have the Eagle and Snake emblem on it.

Revolution Monument, copyright © 7reg;.
The famous "Monumento a la Revolucion", or Revolution Monument.

Monument to Heroes of Independence, copyright © ®.
The pride of the Mexican capital, the Monument to the Heroes of Independence, or "Monumento a los Heroes de Independencia." View from the Paseo de Reforma Boulevard, the statue was constructed in 1910.

That concludes this classic tour of Old Mexico City. Check back again, when a new collection of graphics will be presented in a similar manner.

Do you have a unique story about Mexico, it's history, culture or your own travels that our readers might enjoy here on If so we'd be happy to read it and consider it for inclusion into our Feature Stories section. Just take a look at our writer's guidelines for more information and how to send us your story. Let's hear from you!

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