Puerto Penasco Comunity Services - Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center AC - Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico
The Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center AC
in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico

Located on Leon de la Barra - 3 blocks east of the Electric
Company on Blvd.Juarez

P.O. Box 1031 - Lukeville, AZ 85341
Tel - 011 526 38 383 1012
E - Mail -nancy_phelan@yahoo.com

To promote and protect the health and safety of animals in Puerto Penasco Mexico.

We envision the day when animals will not suffer because of human abuse, ignorance or neglect and that all animals born will be assured of good care all its natural life in a sanctuary on the water "Pura Vida"

Stray Hearts
The Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center was founded by Nancy Phelan. After retiring Nancy came to Rocky Point from Phoenix, Arizona and became an advocate for the many street dogs and cats in the city. She formed a non profit Mexican corporation in August of 2002 and began taking in strays. She also has a US non profit Corporation for tax purposes. She has had as many as 85 animals at any given time. 300 animals have been adopted into loving homes. She has rented a home with 2 large lots - enough to erect 14 separate yards for the dogs. A cat house was built with an entrance to an outside screened room . The nursing moms and kittens are cared for in the main house. There are also 2 yards for recovering and/or new animals.

Many of these animals come to her sick and injured. There is no testing equipment to see what these animals are suffering from.. Sarcoptic Mange, parasites, worms, Parvo, Distemper, Leukemia are just a few of the problems. A microscope has just arrived at the center and now she can start to isolate and treat the animals.

If I can stop one Heart from breaking
  I shall not live in vain
    If I can ease one Life the Aching
      Or cool one Pain
Or help one fainting Robin
  Unto his Nest again
    I shall not live in Vain
                                -Emily Dickinson

Acquiring land for a Sanctuary on the outskirts of town is the ultimate goal to house and care for the animals.

Spay/neuter programs are the number one priority to cut down the over-population Alison Barnhill DVM Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa is has conducted a spay/neuter clinic in conjunction with the local veterinarians who are allowing her to use their facilities.. Without medicine and equipment this is a difficult task. The city is in dire need of an anesthesia machine, X ray machine, surgery tables and other equipment. Paws up to Dr. Barnhill and Barbara Horn a veterinary technician assisting Dr. Barnhill. Barbara has donated many supplies to the center including the microscope.


    1) Spay/neuter clinics to alleviate the growing number of street dogs.
    2) Working with the city to establish methods of euthanasia for the sick animals.
    3) Working on educational programs with the school systems
    4) Adoption programs
    5) Acquiring a mobile clinic to reach the animals in the Barrios
    6) Acquiring land to house the animals

The Rocky Point Animal Adoption Center
P.O. Box 1031 - Lukeville, AZ 85341
Tel - 011 526 38 383 1012
E-Mail: nancy_phelan@yahoo.com

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