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Rosarito, or Rosarito Beach as many in the U.S. call the town, is located less than 20 miles from the U.S. border (Tijuana) and only a 45 minute drive from downtown San Diego on a toll road. Situated on the Pacific coast of Baja California, this "getaway" has been a favorite since the 1930's Hollywood crowd arrived to gamble, party and relax.

Today, visitors are greeted by miles of sandy beaches and spectacular sunsets, a warm climate and plenty of attractions. The downtown is laid out in a north to south grid paralleling the ocean. Hotels exist throughout, but most are in the center to southern end along or near the main boulevard, Benito Juarez. Accommodations range from luxury hotels, oceanfront vacation rentals and budget lodging.

You will also find a variety of dining options from gourmet and international-flare to Baja's famous taco stands. Baja-style lobster should be tried by all visitors and the world-famous lobster village of Puerto Nuevo is just ten miles down the road. Rosarito has become popular with the younger crowd (and those who are young at heart) because of it's open-air cantinas on the beach. Many of these include sand floors with a volleyball court, mechanical bulls, tequila shooters, and popular music played by DJs. It's no wonder college spring break has become so popular here. For those of you who desire a different pace, you will find traditional music bars, jazz clubs and even karaoke bars.

Shopping is a synonymous with Rosarito and you'll find everything here including duty-free gifts to take home, handcrafted furniture & other items for the home, tiles, jewelry, local artisan's work, toys, and more. Even a bottle of tequila or other liquors.

Daytime activities range from horseback riding on the beach, swimming, golf and tennis. Surfing is also good here and you will find some famous surf breaks to the south of town along the free road. Rosarito also has a few European-style spas. The town has a small museum call Wa-Kuatay located next to the Rosarito Beach Hotel where you can learn about Rosarito's history. The movie "Titanic" was filmed here in 1996 and Fox Studios has opened a museum at their studios a few miles south of downtown. Tours are available.

Many weekends are busier than others since U.S. holidays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends (and don't forget Spring Break) are popular here. Rosarito also has many annual events and festivals such as the Rosarito to Ensenada Bike Ride, the Rosarito Fair, Mainly Mozart Festival, a wine and lobster fest, Mexico International Volleyball Tourney, motorcycle events, and much more.

Shopping at a local marketplace
Shopping in Rosarito Beach

Beach party along the pier of Rosarito Beach
The popular beach next to the pier

Sand volleyball court inside the local cantina
Volleyball count in a local cantina

Taxis are easy to find
Taxis are always available

A walk along Rosarito's sidewalks
Taking a stroll along the main sidewalk

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