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 Mexican Kitchen - Vocabulary

Albóndigas en Chipotle- meatballs in chile sauce. Common in Queretaro.
Barbacoa de Lomo- BBQ steak wrapped in maguey leaves. Common in central Mexico.
Caldo Tlalpeño- Chicken broth with avocado & chiles.
Caracoles- Sea snails. Common in Quintana Roo.
Ceviche- raw fish marinated in lime juice. Common throughout Mexico.
Chalupas- Tortillas with chicken & beans. Common in Guanjuato.
Chapulines- cheese, butter, candied fruits & grasshoppers. Mexico City & the Valley of Mexico.
Chilorio- Shredded pork with chile & spices. Common in Sinaloa.
Chilpachole- Spicy shellfish soup. Common in Veracruz.
Chimbo- Egg cakes baked in syrup. Common in Chiapas.
Cochinita Pibil- Suckling pig. Common in the Yucatan.

Escamoles- Ant eggs. Common in central Mexico.
Gusanos de Maguey- Fried cactus worms. Common in Hidalgo & surrounding states.
Huevos Rancheros- Fried eggs, sunn-side up, served on a tortilla & covered with red chili sauce.
Leche Quemada- Milk boiled with sugar & vanilla thickened to a gravy.
Longaniza en Salsa Verde- Cured pork ground with chile & spices. Common in Morelos.
Machaca con Huevos- Shredded meat jerky & eggs. Common throughout Mexico.
Menudo Norteña- Tripe soup. Common in northern Mexico.
Mixiotes de Conejo- Fried, spiced rabbit wrapped in maguey leaves & steamed.
Mixiotes de Pollo- Spicy chicken wrapped in maguey leaves. Common in Hidalgo.
Mole Poblano- A sauce made up of chocolate, chiles & spices served over chicken.

Pan de Huevos- Oaxacan cheese & egg bread. Common in the Valley of Mexico & Oaxaca.
Papadzules- Tacos stuffed with hard boiled eggs in squash seed sauce. Common in the Yucatan.
Patlache- Banana leaves filled with meat. Common in San Luis Potosi.
Pepitorias- Squash seeds in carmel. Common in the Valley of Mexico.
Pescado a la Veracruzana- Red snapper w/tomato sauce, olives & chiles. Common in Veracruz.
Pollo Tocatlán- Chicken with green sauce & cheese. Common in Tlaxcala.
Putzaze- Tripe & liver with tomatoes. Common in Chiapas.
Sopa de Lima- Chicken broth with fried tortilla pieces. Common throughout Mexico.

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