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Todos Santos has many wonderful places to enjoy a meal, from small taquer�as (taco vendors) to fresh seafood & international cuisine served in charming restaurants.

Aside from the traditional restaurants around town, we suggest you try some of the stands. The food is clean and favorable. Pilar's famous fish tacos are on the corner, one block east of the stoplight. Happy Fish Taco Stand, on the corner across from Pilar's, are great with good condiments. On the corner of Leon, across from Siempre Vive Market are Tres Hermanos tacos. They also prepare a roast beef and a pork sandwich that make a meal. Carne asada tacos can be found at Chilako's at the corner of Hidalgo and Juarez. You'll fin Carnitas y Chicharrones Barajas, a pork and beef taco stand on Calle Degollado.

Tortillas: You can buy fresh corn tortillas daily from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the corner of Morelos and Militar.

Bakery: Open from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. For best selections, get there by 2:30 p.m. Located in the two-story brick house on the south side of Rangel between Ocampo and Obregon.

Fish Market: Pescader�a Punta Lobos on Calle Juarez sells seafood during the day. You can also buy it direct from the fishermen on Playa Punta Lobos south of town.

Looking for dessert? Thrifty Ice Cream near the corner of Hidalgo and Militar has a variety of flavors, as well as specialty items. El Tropico at the corner of Oregon and Militar offers a wide variety of fruit juice popcicles, and ice cream.

Las Fuentes
Regional & Seafood Dishes * Open Daily
Indoor/Outdoor Dining * Gift Shop
Calle Degollado & Colegio Militar

Los Adobes de Todos Santos
Regional & Mainland Mexico Dishes * Fine Mexican Dining
Closed Sunday
Calle Hidalgo

Miguel's Restaurant
Regional & Seafood Dishes * Breakfast * Closed Monday
Calle Degollado & Rangel, near the PEMEX

Santa Monica
Regional & Seafood Dishes * Open Daily
One of the Oldest Restaurants in Todos Santos
Next to the PEMEX at the Stop Light

Super Pollo
Grilled Chicken, Mexican-style
Calle Degollado

Fonda El Zaguan
Seafood Specialties
Colegio Juarez

Mi Costa
Seafood Specialties
Colegio Militar & Ocampo

Rickles Mariscos
Fresh Seafood * Ceviche
Calle Militar

Cafe Santa Fe
Italian Specialties * Inside/Outside Dining
Relaxing Atmosphere * Closed Tuesdays
Calle Centenario

Oriental Restaurant
Hidalgo & Rangel

Cafe Brown
Cappuchino & Expresso * Breakfast Served
Pastries * Lunch & Dinner * Sandwiches * Wine & Beer
Calle Militar in Mision del Pilar Plaza

Caffe Todos Santos
Cappuchino & Expresso * Breakfast Served
Pastries * Sandwiches * Fruit Dishes * Closed Mon. Afternoons
Calle Centenario

La Ca�ada Diablo
Palapa-roofed Cantina * Stocked Bar * Happy Hour
Northeastern end of Centenario

Internet Cafe
In the Offices of The Message Center
Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm
Calle Juarez & Hidalgo

Los Adobes de Todos Santos Internet Cafe
Adjacent to the Restaurant * High Speed 128K Lines
Open Monday-Saturday
Calle Hidalgo

Todos Santos Internet Cafe
In Milagro Real Estate
Open Monday-Saturday
Calle Juarez

Happy Fish Taco Stand Happy Fish Taco Stand

Local cantina Shut Up Frank's Local cantina Shut Up Frank's

Miguel's Restaurant Miguel's Restaurant

Pescader�a Punta Lobos (Fish Market) The fish market Punta Lobos

Cafe Santa Fe Restaurant Cafe Santa Fe Restaurant

Santa Monica Restaurant Santa Monica Restaurant

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