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 Todos Santos Community Services

Consular Offices
Todos Santos doesn't have any consular offices. Below are the consular representatives' offices in the two nearest cities, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. If dialing from outside of Mexico the country code is 52.

Consulate | Address | Phone | Hours
Canada | Plaza Jose Green #9, San Jose del Cabo | (114) 2-4333 | M-F 9am-1pm
United States | Mr. Mike Houston | Blvd. Marina, Cabo San Lucas | (114) 3-3536 | M-F 10am-1pm

Important Phone Numbers
Hospital: 145-0095
State Police: 145-0198
Mayor: 145-0365
Post Office:- 145-0330

Secretary of Tourism - Baja California Sur
Tourist assitance & information. English spoken.
Carr. al Norte Km. 5.5 Fracc. Fidepaz
CP 23090 La Paz, B.C.S.
Tel: (112) 4-0100 * Fax: (112) 4-0722

Turtle Sanctuary south of Todos Santos
Rancho Punta San Cristobal * US Tel: (619) 632-7770 * Tel: (114) 3-0458

General Marquez de Leon statue & theatre
General Marquez de Leon statue & theatre

Todos Santos Municipal government building
Municipal Government building

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