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Punta Lobos or Fishermen's Beach is just south of Todos Santos. If you want to go fishing you can often arrange to go out with the fishermen on their pangas. Cost varies (usually in the $25 an hour range), but expect to pay for the gas and the expertise of your guides. Local catches vary depending on the time of the year but cabrilla (sea bass) huachinago (red snapper), pargo, halibut, dorado, tuna sierra, manta ray, and shark seem to be plentiful most of the year.

Northwest, winter swells hit the Todos Santos area from December to March. Occassional summer breaks can be found also at Punta Lobos. You'll also find breaks at La Pastora (near town), Punta Marques and Punta Conejo (north of town). El Pescadero is a small village south of Todos Santos, and you'll find surf in the area at places such as Punta Gaspare�o, Playa Los Cerritos, Punta San Pedro. Check with under Water Activities below.

You will have an opportunity to see whales this far south, usually after they have given birth in Bahia Magdalena to the north. The pangeros (boatmen) at Punta Lobos will take you out to see them for around $25 an hour. You can find gray whales from December until early April. During whale season, you can easily see whales from the beach shore.

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