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 Todos Santos BEACHES

The beaches directly in front of Todos Santos are dangerous for swimming, but make for a great place to sun or stroll. Please use caution when entering the water. There is, however, great surf fishing from shore. Please be aware that nudity is not tolerated in this area. Also, when starting a beach campfire, please remember that the palms can ignite easily.

Punta Lobos or Fishermen's Beach
Just south of Todos Santos. Good swimming and a fun place to watch the fishermen launching their long boats. Usually between 2 and 4 p.m. you can buy fish as the boats come in. If you want to go fishing you can often arrange to go out with the fishermen.

San Pedro or Palm Beach
For a day at the beach, locals prefer San Pedro or Palm Beach with its majestic palms, beautiful lagoon, and rocky points. Travel south until you see the SARH experimental station (a cluster of white buildings on the left) Make a right on the dirt road to the right of the highway. Continue on toward the beach. You will see an abandoned adobe hacienda. To the left of the hacienda are roads that wind down to the beach. The property is privately owned. The owner has generously left the beach open for day use. Please keep it clean and observe appropriate behavior. No camping or fires.

Los Cerritos
A very popular surfing and swimming beach. At Kilometer 64 south of Pescadero, watch for the Trailer Park/RV sign and follow the dirt road to the beach. A good place to launch a small boat.

Playa K82
At K82 south of Todos Santos you can park in the arroyo and take a long walk along the beach and climb the beautiful rocks. Swimming is not good but the solitude is wonderful. A great place for a picnic.

Cerritos Beach near Todos Santos Cerritos Beach near Todos Santos

Fishing pangas lying on the Punta Lobos beach Fishing pangas lying on the Punta Lobos beach

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