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Near the Main Plaza (Zocalo)

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de La Paz. The original Catholic Church built in 1747 and expanded over the years The original church comprised what is currently the vestibule Excellent examples of early California religious art. Enjoy the sunset plaza to the right of the Church. A great place to take pictures.

On the left side of the plaza is the local theater, Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon. Construction began in 1943, with inauguration in February of 1944. It continues to be upgraded, and is used for concerts and special events. During the anniversary of the founding of Todos Santos (October 12) and other celebrations there are events every night.

Two blocks east of the Church is Topete Avenue. On the corner, "Casa Estudiante" is now a boarding home for students, but it was the Governor's Mansion for twenty years. Across the street is the famous Galeria de Todos Santos, home to beautiful art work from leading regional artists. This building houses the Todos Santos Inn, an elegant place to stay. This was the original cantina or bar.

Around the Historical District

Note the various types of architecture, especially in the facade of the old Inn. The house with the veranda on the right hand corner is the home, studio and gallery of artist Charles Stewart and his wife, Mary Lou. Originally built in 1810, it was the only house in the area built in the French style, made of wood, with a veranda completely surrounding the house.

A block east on Centenario will take you to Cine Viejo, now owned by George and Edmee Emerson, it was one of the towns two theaters at one time. You can still see the screen across the back. At one time this entire area was owned by the Dominguez family, patriarchs of large sugar cane plantations.

Across the street is the Casa de la Cultura or Cultural Center. Beautiful political murals line the foyer, painted after the Mexican Revolution. Take the time to tour the right wing, which houses a pictorial history of Todos Santos.

If you like cemeteries, don't miss the one up the road from the corner of Ocampo and Rangel. Many graves date back to the early 1800's and as you can see; some of the very oldest ones are not dated. The new cemetery is at the far end of Calle Obregon. Very colorful.

Other Areas

A nice walk or drive is to go down Topete and thorough the huerta, to "el otro lado" the other side of town. Just as you come out of the valley, to the right up a small incline is the former home of General Dominguez Cota of the Mexican Revolution.

As you roam around town, you will see many "Molinos" or tall chimneys, majestic monuments to the great sugar cane producing era of 1850 to 1950. The one at the El Molino Trailer Park (now all permanent residents) was in operation until 1974.

At the east end of town, about a mile from the central area of Todos Santos is San Juan. where Todos Santos was originally founded. Although the Indians burned the first church, the chapel on the hill was built on the original site.

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de La Paz Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de La Paz

Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon Theater Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon Theater

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