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The buisnesses at the bottom of this page provide services in the region of Zamora, Michoacan.

The region of Zamora in Michoacan is a privileged area because of its rich culture and the conservation of its traditions, accompanied by its original handcrafts and its rich gastronomy. This region offers the visitor everything from museums and large churches and temples (such as the Sanctuary of Guadalupe) to the typical towns of the Purepecha highland with its colorful and deep-rooted customs. Native cultures receive tourists with warm treatment and an exquisite plate of "churipi" with "corundas "(a beef stew with corn tamales wrapped in husks).

The Zamora region consists of some of the following cities in Northern Michoacan; Canada de Once Pueblos (Ravine of the Eleven Towns), Cotija, Emiliano Zapata, Isla de Petatan (Lake Chapala), Ixtlan de Los Hervores, Jacona, Jiquilpan, La Piedad, Los Reyes, Periban, Patamban, Sahuayo, San Jose de Gracia, Santiago Tangamandapio, Tangancicuaro, Tarecuato, Tocumbo, Ting�indin, Villamar, and Vista Hermosa. You will also find that part of the region border Lake Chapala, the famous American retirement area. Also the national park, Lago de Camecuaro, is nearby.

The city of Zamora is one of the most important cities of Michoacan, thanks to its commercial and agro-industrial development and its solid infrastructure in the area of services. Local, recommended delicacies include the delicious Zamoran "chongos" (chunks of bread pudding) as well as its unbeatable strawberry, considered as the best in the world because of its flavor and consistency. The city of Zamora is cradle of distinguished men like Dr. Alfonso Garcia Robles, who won the Noble Prize of Peace.


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