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Are you looking for a full service insurance agency that offers ALL lines of insurance in Mexico? West Coast Global Insurance Services has been protecting their clients assets and health in Mexico since 2004!! They provide service and protection you can rely on for your most valuable assets in Mexico. Insurance policies in English with clear deductible options from Mexico insurance companies that have the financial strength to stand by their insureds and pay claims. Please find below an overview of services offered by West Coast Global Insurance Services they can help secure for you today!!

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The Mexico insurance promise that we provide our clients are backed by the Top Rated Insurance carriers in Mexico. Mexico Insurance Policies providing the Highest Standard of Security, Service & Peace of Mind. We also offer our clients a dedicated claims team, a division focused on servicing claims and providing an extra layer of claim support. A team that speaks English and available to make sure your claim is being handled timely & effectively.

Mexico Home Insurance

West Coast Global Insurance Services prides themselves on offering their clients the most comprehensive Mexico Home Insurance policy available in Mexico. Hurricane & earthquake coverage is available in all regions in Mexico with no restrictions on properties that are within 500 yards of any body of water. Are you seeking coverage for Fire, theft, glass breakage & liability coverage, well these coverages come standard on the Mexico home policies that are available through our office. We have even created our own online applications to help streamline the file building for our clients in Mexico, this allows us to collect the details required by underwriting to be sure your home is properly insured. No more printing, scanning or faxing required. We take the time to get the details and facts from you our “Valued Clients” about your Mexico home insurance needs. Our goal is to be sure you are protected from the unexpected in Mexico. Begin your online Mexico Home Insurance application today by clicking on this link below or the home image to the left: Mexico Home Insurance Online Application.

Mexico Condo Insurance:

Do you own a condo in Mexico? If the answer is YES, it is so important to understand what your exposures are in Mexico. Questions to ask? Is there a Master policy active for my development & buildings? Is Hurricane & Earthquake included on that master policy. Maybe the answer is NO, and there is no master policy active protecting my building and condo in Mexico. What insurance coverages do I need to safe-guard my condo in Mexico? We can help analyze these questions with you and structure a Mexico condo insurance policy to safe-guard your most valuable investment in Mexico!!

Hurricane's in Mexico are a serious matter and considered catastrophic perils and optional coverage to include on your Mexico condo insurance policy. Earthquake coverage is also available and highly recommended. Start your online Mexico Condo Insurance Online Application today by clicking on the banner. West Coast Global Insurance Services can help answer your questions and secure the Begin your online Mexico Condo Insurance application today by clicking on this link below or the condo image to the left: Mexico Condo Insurance online Application.

Mexico Car Insurance: (U.S. & Canadian Registered)

Are you looking for a Mexico Auto Insurance policy that you can purchase in just a few minutes online? If the answer is YES, then click on the banner and get a free quote now!! Enter the details of our vehicle and select coverages from up to 5 Mexican Car Insurance companies. We recommend that our clients purchase a minimum of $300,000.00 USD. of Mexico liability car insurance coverage based on new Mexican laws passed in late 2012. Mexico car Liability Only coverage also available.

Driving an RV into Mexico, or did you just purchase a brand new UTV like a Can-Am or Polaris RZR. Now providing total loss coverage found by clicking the link below. Policies terms from 1 day to 365 days of the year. Consider annual Mexico Car insurance policies as the rates drop considerably for longer term policies versus the daily rate policies in Mexico. For the most BEST Mexico car insurance rates and coverage's in Baja & the entire republic of Mexico, BUY NOW your Mexican Car Insurance!

Mexico Commercial Insurance:

Allow us to assist in making sure your Mexican Commercial Insurance needs are met. We service all lines of commercial exposures in Mexico such as developments, hotels, restaurants, construction, liability. Contact us today so we can start building your file and gathering the details required for a competitive Mexico Commercial Insurance policy.

Mexico Boat Insurance: – (Hull & Liability Only Options Available):

Are you a boat owner in Mexico or planning to sail down the Baja? If you are then you are aware of the risks of not having the proper insurance in Mexico. Water perils can be the worst, from Hurricanes and tropical storms in Mexico are on the minds of every boat owner in Mexico. All boat owners know that water perils are the worst and the damage caused by them can be the most devastating. Securing insurance for your boat or yacht in Mexico with a policy that does not exclude hurricane protection can be hard to find. West Coast Global Insurance Services provides hull protection for personal use & charter use watercrafts in Mexico and the policies we write do not have blackout dates during Hurricane season in Mexico. Mexico Boat & Yacht Insurance in Mexico.

Mexico Medical Insurance | Mexico Health Insurance | Mexico Travel Medical Insurance:

Global Health Insurance, to most people in Mexico, is the HOT TOPIC of conversation. Each year millions of individuals & families depart their home countries to live in Mexico. Many international travelers & expatriates discover the hard way that their home country medical insurance policies provide little or no coverage for losses incurred while outside their home country. West Coast Global Insurance Services offers Global Health Insurance with no boundaries on border, meaning if you would like to seek medical treatment in Mexico, the United States, Canada or in Europe the Global Health plans offered by West Coast Global Insurance will provide this access & freedom of health care. Global Health Plans in Mexico are available for individuals, families, & groups traveling & living in Mexico. Complete our Online International Mexico Medical - Health Insurance Questionnaire so we can better understand your individual needs are.

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