Live your Dream Life on one of the best beaches in Mexico.....

Vivo Resorts We summarize our properties in 2 words: "Lifestyle Investments"

Make a great lifestyle decision that is also one of your best investments.
Or make a great investment that also enhances your lifestyle right now.


Escape the cold winter and enjoy 30 C degree weather (82 F) and 0% precipitation
Experience greater family time and connection
Be active in a recreational mecca with modern amenities
Find greater Life Balance: Rejuvenate, Energize and be Healthier
Escape the pace and the race to a culture where we're reminded that relaxation, spirituality, family values and having fun are more important than staying ahead of the Jones's.
This resort is a place where over achievers can enjoy activities, find purpose, and flourish when vacationing or transitioning to retirement.


Studio, 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom condos are available now in phase 1 & 2.

  • $73,000 up to $567,000
  • $105 per square foot up to $243 per square foot
  • 452 square feet up to 3,886 square feet in size
Property values have increased in this area by 628% in the past 5 years and it's still undervalued.
Earn a significant rental income through the Vivo Resorts rental program while still maintaining time for your own usage and enjoyment.
We researched over 35 countries and did scouting trips to 13 of them to find this "hidden gem" area.
Beachfront property values will continue to rise over the next decade as retiring baby boomers look for a better lifestyle, climate and lower cost of living.
The great Southern Migration will continue as job portability increases and many jobs can be done from virtually anywhere.
Mexico has just been rated as the #1 retirement haven in the world by International Living Magazine. The town of 60,000 people we found is a surfers paradise and has been rated by Frommers travel as the best overall beach value in the country.

VIVO Resorts Mission
To offer exceptional Mexico real estate investment value in beautiful locations with abundant activities. We develop resorts where you can enjoy your favorite people and where living is better and easier.

For more information about this exceptional investment opportunity please visit our website and download our sales information package or contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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