2 bedroom home for sale, with view of Oaxaca below

This simple yet lovely home in Oaxaca, Mexico can be yours.

The name "Casa Bonita" (pretty house) has been offered by all who have visited the showhouse. The dimensions of the large master bedroom, the combined living-cooking-dining area and the bedroom/office space have met approval by all visitors. The construction area is 9.5m x 12.3m (117 square meters) and the land area is 410 square meters.

2 bedroom home for sale, with view of Oaxaca below

Inspired by the design of the American Prairie House and designed as a starter house for a new family, a professional in need of a home-office, a liveable renter, a US relation returning to Oaxaca or a grandparents' retirement prize. The 14,000 litre concrete water tank under the patio is on a pressurized, closed system giving maximum levels of hygiene and a powerful shower. The boiler or water heater is tankless so only heats water when you need it.

Worth mentioning is the house is positioned by a seasonal stream, with 5m x 24m additional free land ideal for planting a garden. Also, a shallow well (neighbors have found water at only 5 meters) could be easily installed for year round water access.

Price of the house and the land: $850,000 Mexican pesos
(figuring an average of the exchange rate over the last year that is approximately $68,500 U.S. dollars)

The Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) have similar thermal properties as traditional adobe mud bricks. The dimensions of the CEB's is structurally much stronger than adobe. The varying sizes of the blocks allows for a rustic interior finish that is faced with an earthen plaster and sealed to prevent dust. The neutral cement finish to floors and ceilings gives a minimum house entrance cost and a "pre-style" which lets you choose the finish to suit your taste. The pre-fabricated roof rafters give style to the appearance of the roof both externally and internally. All lighting is on one trip fuse and connected to the central fan to allow easy access. The water pump and all appliance sockets are on a separate fuses.

We also offer the option to the landowner who wishes a similar house built out of these same materials on their own property. Please telephone or email us to discuss your project in and around the Oaxaca, Mexico area. We will be happy to give you an estimate on building your own rustic and charming home in Mexico.

For more information on this house for sale, to see a map, and to see a gallery of photos and to watch a
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Calle Arteaga #314
Segunda Seccion del Ejido Guadalupe Victoria
Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico.

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