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It’s time to finally speak Spanish with online Spanish lessons!

If you’re reading this, you are looking to gain conversational fluency in the Spanish language. Whether you’re looking to travel or live abroad, it is clear you want to speak the language. Most likely, you’ve tried a group class back in school and you’ve purchased some form of a self-guided course, yet you still freeze up when you actually need to speak Spanish.

Chances are you’ve never hired a certified Spanish tutor that really understands your learning pace, learning style, your needs and your goals with the Spanish language.

If you’ve read this far, please keep reading…

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At Spanish55, our main goal is to expose you to the Spanish language in a controlled and stress-free environment. An experienced Spanish tutor will be your trusted companion in this fun journey. Our one-on-one online Spanish lessons are interactive and highly productive.

Let’s go over some key advantages of working one on one with a certified Spanish tutor over Skype. First and foremost, a professional Spanish tutor is working a lot harder for you. Skype requires the teacher to plan the lesson far more creatively and flexibly. The classes are more interactive and practical in nature. Another important factor is the cost, If you are meeting with a tutor in a public place, odds are you will have the following expenses: coffee, gas, parking, pastries, etc. Online tutoring sessions are convenient for both parties, making scheduling your Spanish lessons at odd times possible. Meeting in the evenings on weekdays can be difficult if you have to drive to a local cafe or public space.

Open your laptop and expect a Skype call on the hour. With little to no effort, you will be face-to-face with your Spanish coach. The simplicity of Skype means you are more likely to adjust to the routine of regular Spanish lessons. Warning: your excuses will start fading away. No more calculating your commute time and canceling appointments at the last minute.

The best Spanish tutors will not lecture you or bore you with details and the million differences between English and Spanish. Sure, we will answer your questions and iron out your doubts but you are hiring us to help you speak. At Spanish55, we use a communicative approach to help you reach fluency. From the very first online Spanish lessons, you will be speaking Spanish (that’s not a gimmicky promise), we stand behind what we do and every single lesson will be carefully planned.

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If you’ve never tried online Spanish lessons, you have to give them a try. We are a small team with the best Spanish tutors you will find anywhere in the world. We’ve made this easy!

In less than a minute, you can visit and book your complimentary 55-minute Skype Spanish lesson. If you like what we do, we can keep the conversation going. If you are not thrilled, we’ll take a hike. Give us a chance, you deserve to make your goals come true.

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