Spanish Institute of Puebla

The Spanish Institute of Puebla
Learn Spanish in Puebla, Mexico

The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School in Mexico , that has twice received the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) - Education Excellence Award. Has Received the Latin American Educational Board Award of Excellence (3 years in a row), has been named the best Spanish Immersion program in Mexico by Language Learning Magazine, it is recommended by Let's Go, Mexico Travel Guide, by the book When in Mexico, Do as the Mexicans do, by the International Herald Tribune newspaper, is the Top-Pick Language School by Student Traveler, received the "Excelsis Award" for Excellence in Education from the New York based Global Quality Foundation, received the award for Mexican Enterprise of the year 2012, and is recognized by over 175 universities worldwide including Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, etc.

Learn Spanish in Puebla, Mexico

Communicative Focus: Our functional approach to language acquisition emphasizes in using Spanish in authentic and diverse circumstances. We have a "communicative" focus, concentrating on verbal interaction in Spanish. This is the reason our program includes two hours per day of individual conversation. The regular classes are dedicated to learning the structure of the language (comprehension, grammar, reading and writing) and the afternoon classes to using it - the key to really mastering it! Because the conversation portion of the program is one-on-one we can tailor it to meet the needs of the participants (i.e. medical Spanish, business Spanish, legal Spanish, Spanish for law enforcement, Spanish for social workers, Spanish for teachers and Administrators, Spanish for ministry, Spanish for travel, etc.)

Spanish language school in Puebla

The Institute: Is located in an Ex-Capuchin Convent from the 17 Century that has been converted into a modern building with a 17 century facade (the facade is an important part of the history of Puebla ). The Institute has the latest teaching equipment, sound protected walls for best sound, ergonomic chairs, large desks, individual lockers, overhead projectors, fluorescent lighting, etc. It has 1 big patio, 2 large terraces with view to the volcanoes and 4 different church steeples, computer lab, video room, conference room, bathrooms, library, reception area, administration area, main office and 18 classrooms.

Internet: We offer Free access. Our computer room has 12 computers connected to the Internet (an exclusive T2 connection for fast Internet access) and to a laser printer for any homework or e-mails that need printing. We also have Free Wireless Internet available at the Institute for any student that wants to bring their laptop and be connected. We also have a room to connect laptops that do not have wireless Internet cards to our LAN network.

Housing: We will ask you about your interests and pastimes to find an appropriate stay with a Mexican family. We only place one student per host family, unless requested otherwise (in contrast to most other language programs). We want you to integrate into the family and really live the Mexico Culture.

Puebla: Has one of the lowest crime rates in Mexico ("The San Francisco Chronicle" in a recent issue mentions Puebla as a city "you can travel safely in Mexico"). Puebla has spring-like climate year round. The Spanish spoken in Puebla is pure compared with that of other states in Mexico and countries in the Caribbean , Central America and South America ; it is easily understood; all vowels and consonants are clearly pronounced, and there are no exaggerated sing-song or harsh-sounding intonations. Puebla was named one of the top 10 cities in the world that should be visited by National Geographic Magazine (Fall 2011). Lonely Planet readers named Puebla as one of the top 10 cities in the world to visit for 2012 and The New York Times names Puebla #13 on the list of the cities in the world that you should visit for 2012. All these publication would not be recommending Puebla if it was not safe.

Costs: Our program is basically an all-inclusive program, you will not be surprised with textbook costs, e-mail costs, Internet access costs, host family costs, meals cost, tips, etc. Basically the only thing not included with our program is your round-trip ticket from your home country to Puebla, Mexico

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