Dive The Unexplored
Underworld Scuba
Diving & Snorkeling in Manzanillo
A PADI Dive Center

Endorsed by the Colima Department of Tourism

Dive Center Chosen by the Discovery Channel for Underwater Exploration

Selected by the crew of the Atlantis research vessel
(with the submarine Alvin of Titanic exploration fame) to explore Manzanillo's coast

Manzanillo offers many attractions, but none as breathtaking as its warm, tranquil underwater world. A secret, mysterious realm awaits the snorkeler or diver, no matter what your level of experience.

One of the most exciting things about diving and snorkeling the Pacific Ocean and its incredible reefs is that it's known for the unknown. Because Manzanillo is not a well-known dive destination, everything in our sea is still natural, alive and growing.

Hold An Octopus
In Your Hand!

Our tentacled friend "Otto", the octopus, with a little clam snack enticement, will come out of his den for a visit with his air-breathing buddies. When he's ready to return to his home, he gives you a squirt of ink and steals back to his lair.
Hold an Octopus in your Hand

Imagine Feeding Moray Eels!
Whether you're a novice or advanced diver or snorkeler,
you'll love to feed and hold gentle jewel morays. Anyone can do it!

Underworld Scuba offers a variety of services, for the beginner to advanced diver or snorkeler. Discover Scuba is especially for children and adults who would like to have a safe and fun first-time scuba experience under the supervision of a licensed instrutor. All levels of instruction are available from Open Water to Instructor with C-card from PADI, YMCA or CMAS. Advanced Dives or Specialty Dives (deep dives, wreck dives, night dives) are offered daily. Dive Packages and special Group Rates are offered the serious diver or snorkeler.

With more than 11 years and 15,000 accident-free dives in Manzanillo, Underworld Scuba is your one-stop dive and snorkeling location with guided tours to other attractions as well, such as our famous "Blow Hole", of Elephant Rock, our active volcano in Colima, deep sea fishing (Manzanillo is the sailfish capital of the world), or our waterfalls in El Salto.
While in Manzanillo, we recommend staying at La Posada.

As a full service scuba center, a PIRA (Padi International Resort Assn.) member, and a CMAS Dive Center, Underworld Scuba offers complete snorkeling and scuba equipment rental, retail sales (with discounts to MEXonline users), custom designed tours, snorkeling and scuba classes, tank fills, and above all else, personal attention from its American owners and highly trained staff.

Underworld Scuba/Scuba Shack
PADI Dive Center #20008
Km. 15 Blvd. Miguel de la Madrid (Hwy. 200)
Santiago, Colima
(across the street from the Santiago cemetery, 2 blocks north of Juanito's restaurant)

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