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The Family Lopez has been making Rompopes Santa In�s and other fine liquers and products for generations in Puebla, using the family recipe for their creamy, delicious concoctions. We are probably most famous for the Pecado de Santa In�s (Santa In�s' sin!) made with 100% tequila. The tasty rompopes also contain the finest ingredients such as vanilla beans from Veracruz, local pecans and spices, fresh almonds, imported pinenuts and pure cane sugar.

Rompopes Santa In�s makes these products on the premises in downtown Cholula, Puebla, right behind the famous ruins. On any given day you can see the yummy borrachitas, creamy little candies flavored with rompope and rolled in sugar, being made in-house. Rompopes Santa In�s also distributes its products to department and specialty stores, liquor and grocery stores and many other places in the Republic of Mexico. Coming in early 2008, you will be able to order Rompopes Santa In�s from the Internet for delivery in the United States. Keep checking our website for more info!

Some of Rompopes Santa In�s Products Worthy of a separate mention is the popular Elixir of 14 Herbs, which is used as a delicious digestive aid after a meal. Most of the herbs are grown locally and include yerba buena, camomile, damiana, and lime and orange leaves, each one having its special curative powers. The Elixir of 14 Herbs is compared to absinthe, see what you think!

Whether you are visiting Cholula and can stop by the factory for a tour and a tasting, or you are in another part of Mexico at a fine establishment that sells our products, or you just want to order from the internet and try Santa In�s' sin at home, we know you will enjoy Rompopes Santa In�s.


Rompopes Santa Ines
Calle 6 Norte #1, Colonia Centro
San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

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