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Riviera Alta - Where the Lake meets the Sky
Ajijic's Premier Real Estate Development on the Lake Chapala Riviera

Welcome to Riviera Alta, a premier lakeside real estate development that celebrates soul-stirring beauty and the richness of life; a luxury location for a new home in Ajijic, Mexico.

Riviera Alta is located in the Lake Chapala Riviera, a warm place, surrounded by natural beauty and authentic culture, with all the comforts of home, such as excellent medical care, clean water and safe streets.

Riviera Alta, the top Ajijic real estate development, is considered one of the best options in owning property in Mexico as a retirement plan.

Riviera Alta is situated in Ajijic, a narrow strip of land between the mountains to the north and the Lake to the South. It is flanked by San Antonio Tlayacapan to the east and San Juan Cosala to the west. It is seven kilometers west of Chapala. Its average annual temperature is 19.9 degrees Centigrade "68�F".

Ajijic is a village of greenery and flowers. The main plaza is a pleasant, shaded oasis on a hot day. Many streets are tree-lined. Some very old trees have grown to be giants. Bouganvillea cascades over garden walls, shading sidewalks.

Ajijic is a truly representative example of the typical Mexican pueblo with its narrow cobblestone streets and central plaza, this 450 year old village is the most popular place for visitors and residents alike. The very colorful buildings along the main street from the highway to the lake and surrounding the plaza are home to a wide variety of shops where you will find jewelry, clothing, art galleries, corner stores, gift shops, and many fine restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine from many parts of the world.





Riviera Alta Development Office
Tierra & Armonia
Av. Americas 1297 6th floor
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico

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