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Our mezcal tours of quaint, artisanal distilleries, or palenques as they're known here in Oaxaca, are conducted by a recognized Oaxacan spirits authority, author of over 30 articles about mezcal and pulque and a mezcal aficionado for over two decades.

Alvin Starkman is not a tour guide, but rather seasoned professional, registered with Mexico's federal government to teach about the culture of mezcal and pre-Hispanic fermented beverages.

Visit a diversity of small, family owned and operated distilleries which use traditional copper pot "alambiques", and more rudimentary clay pot stills. Sample throughout the day from a range of mezcals hand-crafted from a variety of species and sub-species of agave: madrecuixe, tobala, espadin, tepeztate, pechuga, aged mezcals and much more. As we traverse the hinterland of Oaxaca's central valleys and further beyond, meet the indigenous peoples who have been distilling using family traditions passed down through the generations - at their distilleries, in their homes, and in the fields. Learn about the impact of terroir on nuance subtleties. And at your option, buy high quality mezcals not available outside Oaxaca, directly from the producers.

Mezcal tour guide in Mexico

Alvin Starkman (M.A., J.D.) is the author of Mezcal in the Global Spirits Market: Unrivalled Complexity, Innumerable Nuances, and co-author of the only comprehensive, full-color bilingual Mezcal Tasting Wheel.

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