Meztli Spanish Language School

Tulum, Mexico's Spanish Language School

Learn Spanish in Tulum

Meztli is a favorite Spanish Language School offering total immersion into the Spanish language through private and peer group classes in the town of Tulum, Mexico. With Meztli's unique and progressive methodology, you'll hear, see, and feel the Spanish language in its natural environment. No matter your age or Spanish level you'll quickly learn a foreign language as one learns their first language: naturally.

The Spanish language lessons at Meztli are adapted to the learning style of each student. Small group classes of varying levels are arranged weekly and each group member is of the same Spanish level determined by placement interviews on the first day of class. Private lessons are also available. Tuition includes morning yoga sessions, afternoon Mexican cooking classes, Salsa dance lessons, study materials and more.

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Meztli Spanish Language School
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico


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