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Only Mayaland Tours shares the sacred Mayan sites with you from the perspective of our uniquely located sister hotels: the fable majesty of the Chichen Itza and Uxmal archaeological zones is uncovered through the portals and five star accommodations of Hotel Mayaland, Hotel Hacienda Uxmal and The Lodge at Uxmal. These hotels were build within the parks themselves and on a parallel situation due to to the fact they were the first in the world built for the purpose of visiting ancient temples.

Although every hidden corner, every legend, pyramid and expression of the ancient Maya culture were created thousands of years ago, man only began to enjoy them starting in 1921, some 79 years back, thanks to the efforts of Mayaland Tours.

Mayaland transportation With our deluxe accommodations and luxury motor coaches, Mayaland Tours offers many different guided tours and driving adventures guaranteed to give you a unique vacation experience while exploring the ancient cities of the Maya! Stay at any Mayaland Resort and receive a free car with free mileage!

Uncover the Mystery and
Enigma of this Ancient Civilization

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