La Mission Restaurants

A Family of Great Restaurants in Cozumel & Playa del Carmen

Welcome to La Mission
La Mission restaurant in Cozumel
Since 1982, LA MISSION has been known for its fresh seafood and its excellent Mexican cuisine, the hospitality, the quality of its employees, and for the slogan "SI NO TE GUSTA, NO PAGAS" (If you don't like it, you don't pay). LA MISSION is located a just a few steps from malecon on Rafael E Melgar avenue and offers their guests a dining environment of tropical gardens, Mayan ruins, there are none like it on the island. Making the clients feel like they are in a traditional, pre-Hispanic Cozumel, together with an international cuisine, and a Caribbean ambience and mariachi music. Your visit to Cozumel would be incomplete without dining at LA MISSION.

Welcome to Casa Mission
Casa Mission
Crossing the blacksmith's gate from the main entrance is traced back in time. The beautiful colonial-style facade makes Casa Mission a survivor of the glorious era of the Yucatan peninsula, where the henequen industry was the economic base. Casa Mission offers the visitor an atmosphere that transports us through history to a magnificent restaurant of Mexican food and seafood. In this impressive hacienda the past and present are intertwined, it was the resting place of the rulers and aristocrats and is the meeting place of today's Cozumel. It is a beautiful and unique corner, surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed by exotic birds and ancient trees. Actually the property belongs to the Miranda Morales family, who fitted a dining room in the wide hallways with high ceilings of Casa Mission. Share with the visitors the smells and flavors of a Mexican house. Casa Mission offers a Mexican atmosphere every night with live music. A trio accompanied by two guitars and a speaker.

Welcome to Parrilla Mission
Parrilla Mission
PARRILLA MISSION is a 100% Mexican cuisine restaurant, the house specialty is tacos, however, it also offers a large variety of local dishes and seafood. The local people recommend it by its exquisite taste and affordable prices.

Welcome to La Mission Playa del Carmen
La Mission Playa del Carmen
The popular Cozumel Restaurants Casa Mission, La Mission and Parilla Mission have brought their concept to Playa del Carmen. La Mission offers generous portions of seafood, steaks and Mexican specialities at affordable prices and our slogan "If you don't like it, you don't pay it" is hard to beat. Proof of this is the preference of locals and visitors.

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