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  GUANAJUATO Activities & Tours

Guanajuato is the capital of the state of the Guanajuato. You will find all services that you would find in any other capital city in Mexico here.


Caravan Tours
Fully Escorted Motor Coach Tours In Business Over 51 Years
Tour Mexico's Colonial Cities All Meals - All Excursions
Photographer's Delight
Chicago, IL * US Tel: (800) 227-2826

Transportes Turisticos de Guanajuato
Local Guided Tours * Special Vans for Viewing
Bajos de la Basilica #2 * Tel: (473) 732-2134 * Fax: (473) 733-1791

Car Rentals

National Car Rental
Car Rental Guanajuato International Airport
Rental Services throughout Mexico
Carretera Silao-Leon Km 5.5 Interior Aeropuerto Internacional de Guanajuato Local 18
Tel: (52)472-748-2043 * Fax: (52)472-748-2043


Global Contacts
Travel Agency * All-Inclusive Packages
Cruises & Airline Tickets * Local Tours
Cantarranas #32 * Tel: (473) 732-7422

Viajes Cambio 2000
Bilingual Travel Agency
Paseo Madero #32-A * Tel: (473) 731-1895 * Fax: (473) 731-0082

Viajes Georama
Travel Services * Local Tours
American Express Office
Plaza de La Paz #34 * Tel: (473) 732-5101

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