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----------RV Tours From Arizona to the Copper Canyon----------

Welcome to Mexico's Fairway Caravans

Fairway is the most experienced, flexible and affordable caravan company servicing the West-coast of Mexico from Nogales Arizona to the Copper Canyon Mexico.   

Fairway offers:

~ Lowest Price on the Mexican West Coast - 1/5 of Our Competitor's Price. 

~ Safety and Security of Traveling in a Caravan

~ Flexible Schedules - Go South and Return When You Are Ready

~ Safest and Best Roads In Mexico - a Four lane Highway All The Way South!!

~ A Sampling of Beautiful Beaches, Colonial Towns, and Resorts

~ Camaraderie and Shared Enjoyment of Caravan Travel 


How Do We Differ: 

In many ways we don't.  We offer all of the same core features of our more expensive and regimented competition - at approximately a fifth to a quarter of the price.  

Our competition charges you� $100 USD a day, for every day you are on the tour in Mexico.� This fee typically includes RV parks, a few meals, and the occasional side trip.� Fairway only charges you for the guiding and paperwork assistance - overseeing and assisting you with the details of driving through Mexico.� With Fairway you realize great savings by paying your own expenses including camping fees, meals and sight-seeing side trips.�

We feel most people want the security of a Caravan but do not want to be rushed or confined to the whirlwind schedule offered by our competition. Fairway ensures you are looked after and allows you the flexibility and choice of where you want to eat, what you want to see, and what, if any, side trips you would like to take. �All for the fair price of $790 USD.�We also offer a 10% referral discount if you sign up a friend (10% for each friend - sign up 10 and you travel free!!). Compare us to the other caravan companies and then decide if you would like to travel the Fairway.

For More Information Contact:
Fairway Caravans
RR1 470 Elphinstone Avenue
Gibsons, BC, Canada, V0N 1V1

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