English and Spanish For All language school
Spanish Language School
Mazatlan, Mexico

If you are thinking of taking Spanish classes and would like to be on the beach, Mazatlan is a great choice. With over 400 years of history, Mazatlan offers the best of both worlds, a historical center that is rich with beautiful architecture, authentic culture and a thriving arts community as well as all the luxuries you would expect from a top-rated tourist destination. It is this combination which truly sets Mazatlan apart from many other cities.

English and Spanish For All language school

English and Spanish For All A.C. has been providing quality language programs for over 20 years. Our school is registered with the " Secretaria de Educacion Publica" (Secretary of Education for the State of Sinaloa) and all of our courses are supervised and accredited by them.

Our guiding principle is to provide you with the most practical and functional classes delivered in a relaxed and comfortable setting conducive to learning. Our courses have been designed to help you to develop and improve your foundation of the Spanish language by presenting language items within an authentic context.

We employ a variety of learning techniques to match the learning styles and language goals of our students. In addition, we will do our utmost to insure that your stay in Mazatlan is as carefree and enjoyable as possible.

Our staff are all experienced and caring professionals who are dedicated to providing student guidance, support and encouragement. Many of our staff are not only trained language instructors and teachers but also hold degrees in a variety of other disciplines (psychology, communications, nursing, engineering, etc.) Our faculty are continually updating their teaching skills through national and international workshops and their on-going personal work experience. Our associations with local educational institutions, hospitals, and other community organizations bolters English & Spanish For All's educational goal of student orientation within an authentic cultural setting. These affiliations offer our students a chance to "plug into" the local community. We also offer a variety of activities and outings to help you to learn more about the rich culture and history of Mazatlan and the surrounding areas.

We have recently moved to a larger facility but still consider ourselves to be more of a "personalized language center". We don't necessarily believe that "bigger is better". Which fits with our second guiding principle: to maximize student participation and interaction with the instructor.

The school is very conveniently located and accessible by almost all bus routes. We are a five minute walk to the beach and five minutes to the largest shopping center in Mazatlan.

English and Spanish For All A.C.
Calle Angela Peralta 220, Fracc. Flamingos
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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