Adventure tours in the Copper Canyon
Eco Tours in Mexico's Copper Canyon

We're Eco AlterNATIVE Tours Sierra Tarahumara. Our Copper Canyon, Mexico tours are alternative tours of the Copper Canyon's most popular places in addition to "off the beaten track" trips, led by a local native Tarahumara guide.

As a traveler we know that you are looking for things to do around Creel, Mexico and the Copper Canyon, Mexico. We strive to deliver to you something you may not of expected to find. We believe you are looking for a more authentic and a truly unique experience.

Native tours of the Sierra Tarahumara

You've taken the train; you plan to check out the amazing Copper Canyon of Mexico. We offer the missing piece, the people! The Tarahumara or Raramuri (as they refer to themselves) are the heart of this place. Connect with them, their culture and finally REALLY connect with this stunning landscape stewarded by the Tarahumara people.

Who are they?
What do they aspire to?
Why do they live the way they do?

Our Copper Canyon day tours give you a peek into this world; our stay tours give you an experience of a lifetime! Owned and Operated by a Tarahumara Indian & Cultural Anthropologist. We currently are offering day tours like El Hechizo a 3-hour tour, Como Piedra a 5-hour tour, Busur a multi-day stay tour that takes you overnight into a Tarahumara Village and Copper Canyon Hikes. Other itineraries are available by request. Groups and solo travelers welcome. See tour availability online.

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