Dickinson Guest House

A small boutique, guest house near the Expo Guadalajara

The Dickinson Guest House in Guadalajara, Mexico is within blocks from Expo-Guadalajara Center and a short ride to the Historical District by using our Uber account. The sleek new hotels in this neighborhood attest to the the importance of this location as the new business hub of this large city as well as being close to the Colonial Spanish architecture of its past. This well-established area offers the finest eateries in the city from local favorite dishes, the freshly made tacos on the corner- to fine bistros.

Small Guadalajara hotel

We cater to groups of colleagues that will be attending a conference at the nearby Expo -Guadalajara or a family coming to see the historical sites that are nearby, yet want a large house to stay in together rather than an expensive hotel. It is a perfect size for guests that would prefer the privacy and space of a gated home- as opposed to a nearby hotel that although lux-, can be less cost effective. We provide many of the same amenities to those who prefer their own private space without the higher price tag of this area of the city. A favorite for business travelers- and the perfect location to house family and friends who travel together for business or fun!
Dickinson Guest House
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

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