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Tour Mexico's Copper Canyon and Sierra Madres

Odds are, this is NOT the first page you've surfed for touring the Copper Canyon. Odds are better, that this IS the page offering the best prices for complete Copper Canyon Tour packages on the entire internet. If you're wondering how we can do such awesome trips for such a low price, this web site is the answer! You are looking at our advertising. We don't have you compensate for expensive magazine ads and the like. When you book a tour with us on the web, we BOTH save a bundle!! Plus, since we own our own lodge, vans, and are the tour-operators personally, you won't pay costly "middle-man" prices. I live here and am proud owner of Campo David Tours and Lodge. You deal directly with me, so you know the quality tour you will receive. We are here year after year to provide you with more than a "just another tour" level of service. I am an established member of the local business community, as well. This allows me the ability to bring you top-end tours and accommodation at low-end prices through coordination with other local business owners, such as our friends Doug Rhodes from the Hotel Paraiso del Oso, and Maria from Mansion Tarahumara. So if you're looking for a great vacation at an affordable price, we'll be waiting for your call!

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