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Manzanillo Hotel & Resorts

Manzanillo offers a great variety of accommodations - from 5 star luxury resorts to small boutique hotels and bed & breakfast inns, to economy lodging and vacation rentals. Location and ambiance is for you to decide. Most hotels are located on one of Manzanillo's lovely beaches. Pick from the seclusion of a self contained resort on the beach, to resorts serving golf courses & the marina.

Santiago Peninsula

This is where many of Manzanillo's top resorts are found. Self-contained resorts bustling with shops, restaurants, night life, boating activities, and beach activities. The peninsula is located between Playa Azul & Playa Miramar.

Playa Azul & Playa Miramar

Manzanillo's two top beaches are strung out with hotels, bed & breakfast inns, and vacation rentals. The main boulevard, Miguel de la Madrid or also know as Blvd. Costero is the home to Manzanillo's tourist services. Here you'll find restaurants, nightclubs, car rental agencies, and shopping.

Costa Alegre

The "Happy Coast". To the north of Manzanillo lies the one of the Pacific coasts scenic hideaways. You'll find 5 star resorts and small traditional hotels tucked away in beautiful coves. If you are looking to get away from it all, this is the place!

Helpful Hints

Most hotels and resorts accept credit cards readily. On the other hand, the smaller and economy oriented ones usually do not.

Some hotels will offer transportation services back to the airport - be it by taxi or a shuttle service. It is advisable to make arrangements the day prior to your departure. You may also be able to send and receive faxes at almost any hotel or resort.

The tap water in most hotels and resorts is purified and drinkable. However, it is wise to clarify this at the time of your check-in.


Casa Helga Villas
Over 50 Beautiful Villas for Rent
Select From Between 2-10 Bedrooms
Villas Also Available in Bucerias, Sayulita & Puerto Vallarta
Manzanillo * US Tel: (800) 418-3322

Coral Pacifico
Vacation Club
Ave. Lazaro Cardenas #207 * Tel: (314) 334-0086

Riscos La Audencia
1 & 2 Bedroom Suites
Pool * Maid Service
Calle Los Riscos #27 * Tel: (314) 334-1236 * Fax: (314) 333-0631


Pepe's Hideaway
Accomodations in Luxury Thatched-Roof Bungalows
Spectacular Views and awesome Sunsets
Mini Bars, King Size Beds, Full Bathroom with authentic Mexican tiles, Ceiling Fans
King Size Mayan Hammocks on each Porch
All Inclusive Gourmet Experience
La Punta, Manzanillo * Tel: From USA - 011-52 (314) 333-0616 Voice * Fax: 011-52-314-334-1690

Cabo Blanco
All inclusive resort
Barra de Navidad * Tel: (314) 335-5168

Club Maeva
All inclusive resort
Blvd. Costero la Madrid km. 9.5 * Tel: (314) 333-1105

Fiesta Mexicana
All inclusive resort
Blvd. Costero Km. 8 * Tel: (314) 333-2181

Grand Bay Isla Navidad
Grand Turismo * 199 Rooms & 42 Suites
3 Restaurants * Golf * Private Beach
Barra de Navidad * Tel: (315) 355-5050 * Fax: (315) 355-6071

Karmina Palace
Grand Class * 324 All-Suite, All Inclusive
Golf * Meeting Facilities * Rates:
Ave. Vista Hermosa #13 * Tel: (315) 355-5050 * Fax: (314) 334-1108

Marbella Hotel
Beachfront Hotel * 100 Rooms with A/C
Restaurant/Bar * Pool * Rates: $45-$60
Blvd. Costero Km 9.5 * Tel: (314) 333-1105 * Fax: (314) 333-1222

Marina Puerto Dorado
30 Suites & 10 Penthouses * Pool & Jacuzzi
Restaurant * Private Balconies * Rates: $70-$120
Ave. L�zaro C�rdenas #101 * Tel: (314) 334-1480

Palma Real
Oceanview Suites & Villas
Pool * Restaurant/Bar
Bah�a de Juluapan * Tel: (314) 335-0000

Playa de Santiago
Beachfront Hotel * 61 Rooms & Suites
Pool * Restaurant * Rates: $55-$120
Manzanillo * Tel: (314) 333-0055 * Fax: (314) 333-0344

Sierra Manzanillo
All Inclusive Resort * 350 Rooms & Suites
Pool * Jacuzzi * Tennis * Meeting Rooms
Ave. de la Audiencia #1 * Tel: (314) 333-2000 * Fax: (314) 333-2272

Vista Club
All inclusive resort
Playa Miramar * Tel: (314) 333-2540



Most economy or budget hotels are found in the Old Town section of Manzanillo near the Zocalo or near Playa Las Brisas. They are clean & have the essential bedroom and bathroom.

Casablanca Alamar
Olas Altas #36 * Tel: (3) 333-0212

Hotel Colonial
G. Bocanegra #28 * Tel: (3) 332-0668

Hotel Santa Cecilia
Blvd. M. de la Madrid Km. 8.5 * Tel: (3) 333-1576

Suites New York
Playa Azul / Las Brisas * Tel: (3) 333-2528

Suites Rosamar
Carretera Las Brisas Km. 2 * Tel: (3) 333-2959


Aeroviajes Manzanillo
Travel agency
Ave. Mexico #69 * Tel: (3) 332-2565

Bahia Gemelas Travel
American Express Office
Blvd. Costero Miguel de la Madrid #1556

Budget Rent-a-Car
Plaza Galeria #6 * Tel: (3) 333-1445

Charly Rent-A-Car
English spoken
Tel: (3) 658-0524

National Car Rental
Carretera Manzanillo-Santiago * Tel: (3) 333-0611

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