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Experience Ensenada!

This Port city 75 miles south of San Diego is a favorite of tourists and sportsmen. Among its many attractions are whale-watching cruises in season. The local fleet also beckons sportsmen and women who appreciate the excitement of deep sea fishing, snorkeling and surfing. South of town is the famous "Bufadora" tidewater blowhole, one of only a handful in the world.

Photo of students   Spanish for everyone... Spanish courses for students, professionals, police officers, nurses, teachers etc. University, college, high school, junior high students and for those who wish to immerse themselves in the language.

Affordable intensive language training at a convenient location with American university credit available. The Spanish dialect taught at the Center of Languages is that of the Latin American business professional.

To ensure the highest possible achievement by each of our students, we employ professional teachers, each of whom is a native Spanish speaker with a college education. Their education is supplemented with special training teaching Spanish as a second language.

Weekday courses are available to individual students from age 13. We've had students in the 60's and 70's. Seniors are welcome. Courses are held from Sunday through Friday year-round.

Daily sessions are held from 8 am to 2 pm. Winter hours are 9 am to 3 pm.

University-accredited courses are available through the universities and colleges. Special courses are available for continuing education credit for professional groups including teachers, police officers and medical professionals. The Center of Languages has special courses available that can earn students credit from the University of California, San Diego or local community colleges.

Weekend classes are available at our Ensenada Campus. Courses are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Photo of Mexican familyLiving with a Mexican family Students are urged to take advantage of this optional program. A number of local families have been chosen by our faculty to play host to visiting students. This phase of the program is highly important because students speak Spanish away from the classroom in natural day-to-day surroundings. These real life conversational situations help the student to understand the rich heritage of the Mexican culture and to experience Mexican family life in a truly natural and friendly manner.

Cultural Tours & Social Activities
Learning a language is more than simply being able to speak correctly. At the Center we believe that a language reflects the culture of the people. To help our students better understand the rich cultures of the peoples of Mexico and Latin America, we ask them to participate in a number of cultural activities, including field trip tours to local museums and other sites of historical and cultural interest. The enriching experience of cultural field trips is an option we hope all students will exercise during their stay in Ensenada. The Center regularly takes students to the historical museum at Estero Beach and on tours at the city's Cultural Center in the heart of the city itself. The "Riviera del Pac�fico," once a huge gambling casino owned by boxing great Jack Dempsey, today houses the Ensenada Cultural Center, a site that should be on everyone's must see list. Throughout the year, the Cultural Center plays host to such events as concerts, exhibits and theatre performances. Other visits include the Museo de Ciencias which is devoted to both the natural and physical sciences plus the art gallery.

Our students not only come to learn Spanish, but they also come to experience the Mexican culture and the warmth of Mexico.

Courses are held throughout the year. Weekday courses are offered year-round, Monday through Friday.

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