Casa Isabel
A peaceful retreat for the enjoyment of nature and rejuvenation of the human spirit.

Casa Isabel is Yelapa's longest operating, most divinely located guesthouse. We are located on The Point, away from town, and bordered by the ocean, a creek with two waterfalls, and unpopulated jungle. A visiting concert cellist compared the sound environment to like being inside a crystal bowl. Instead of motors, CD tuba tunes, loud Saturday night music and next-door roosters, we have birdsongs and insect choirs, waves and running water.

Casa Isabel in Yelapa

Our accommodations are all open-walled, with lockboxes for valuables and dropdown curtains for rare dry-season storms. Humans are natural beings, and at Casa Isabel, our co-creatures are thriving. Extra-species guest possibilities include raccoons, tejons (coatis), armadillos, opossums, squirrels, bats, skunks, landcrabs, and giant toads. These creatures are entertaining and harmless, but if you don't want to share your avocados and bananas with them - stash the goodies away.

Casa Isabel offers a variety of accommodations, all with ocean views, their privacy ensured by lush plantings with flowers and shrubs. Surrounded by jungle, two rental houses skirt the ridge beside the creek and include canyon and waterfall views. Two more houses enjoy high, open views of the bay. One remote house enjoys a unique private location on the hill above town. Three beachside studios perch right above Playa Isabel, the cleanest beach in town.

Casa Isabel
Yelapa, Mexico

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