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Calechosa Bay is a small, planned, sustainable community overlooking the ocean, six kilometers north of Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico. Facing south in a beautiful and secluded bay, it rises up from a rocky beach to a height of 70 meters, providing magnificent ocean views from all lots. Between the southern boundary of Calechosa and the ocean there is only a one-lane road and the Federal Zone (a strip of twenty meters from high tide). Phase One will offer six building lots of between seven and eleven thousand square feet. In Phase Two, about ten more lots will be offered. Phase Three will offer twelve condominiums on two remaining lots. There will be twenty-six lots in all, some of which are reserved for partners in the development.

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Access to Calechosa Bay will be through a single gatehouse with a resident gatekeeper. Each buyer will be free to design and build their own home, or they can use the services of the developer. However, there will be architectural guidelines to ensure a harmonious and functional environment. The overall style will be west coast Mexican modern. Guidelines will ensure the preservation of views and the quality and neighborliness of each house. There will be a beautiful shared terrace and pool for house owners, with panoramic views. Individual pools will also be permitted.

Lots vary in size from 6,000 to 11,000 square feet, and all have ocean views. All services � power, water, sewer, grey water and communication � are installed underground with connections at each lot. Water is from our own well, with storage and filtration at the top of the site. Each lot is connected to six strands of fiber, providing high-speed internet, IP phone and security links. Television will come from individual satellite dishes. Garbage sorting and disposal will be provided on-site.

Calechosa Bay
Melaque, Jalisco, Mexico

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