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After selling his Electronic Banking company in 2008, it was a dream of Michael's to relocate to Cabo San Lucas to really live and appreciate the Lifestyle that Los Cabos has to offer. An avid golf hacker, a wine connoisseur and an appetite towards incredible food, Cabo San Lucas just made sense to enjoy the semi-retired life.

After selling his company, Michael knew that he had to discover a new passion with his career and Michael knew his new "craft" would have to be something related online where he can utilize his sales and marketing skills and background to promote properties throughout the Los Cabos area. Where a house will typically remain on the MLS for 450 days in Los Cabos, with Michael's online promotion with video and Social Media - a home will average only six months on the MLS. Without the right promotion and supportive tools and resources, a home remains on the market. Your home is a sizable investment and working with Michael and his team will get you the results you expect plus working with Michael is a totally different experience and a great decision!

Living full time in Cabo San Lucas since 2012, Michael has established relationships with many real-estate investors and local real estate businesses that will ensure your home transaction is properly represented with a safe, enjoyable buying and selling experience.

The Law of Compensation:
A person's income is determined by how many people they serve and how well they serve them.

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